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Submission - Failure To Perfection (7,5/10) - Denmark - 2006

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Listenable Records
Playing time: 43:40
Band homepage: Submission


  1. Warhunger
  2. Darkened Eyes
  3. Recycled Mind
  4. Deathride To Escape >mp3
  5. Reject Ignite Burn
  6. Condemned Cell
  7. Introspective Thoughts
  8. Hollow Is Transparent
  9. RageCage
  10. Point Blank (Outro)
Submission - Failure To Perfection

SUBMISSION is a young Danish band, formed only in 2003, plying an ever-so-slight variation on the ever-so-popular Melodic Death Metal style made popular by countless Gothenburg bands. They got some good press in their formative years, even winning the award for “Best Demo/Self-Financed CD” at the 2004 Danish Metal Awards for their self-titled demo. After the release of the MCD “Pain Or Pleasure,” they were able to land a deal with Listenable Records and now, a year later, here they are with their debut full length.


Listenable compares them to SOILWORK, MNEMIC and DARKANE and I have to say that in some ways their right. I’ve never heard MNEMIC, so I can’t comment on that, though they do spend some time incorporating some DARKANE-style Thrash, though really aren’t as progressive about it. As for the SOILWORK comparison—bingo! Are you looking for an album that sounds almost exactly like a combination of “The Chainheart Machine” and “A Predator’s Portrait”? Grab “Failure To Perfection.”


Okay, there’s a little bit of difference between SUBMISSION’s debut and the above mentioned albums. Not, much, but bear with me here. As you may be able to guess from the cover, SUBMISSION at times gets more brutal than you’d expect from the Melodic Death style. For most of the non-chorus parts, vocalist Steven Qvist employs a deeper, more gurgling voice, though on the choruses he often gives us clean melodies accented by higher, more typical snarls. The rest of the band gets into the brutality on occasion, though they never again get quite as heavy as they do on opener “Warhunger.” Have to say, I really like the experimentally modified vocals used on “Reject Ignite Burn.”


Despite the promo’s assurances, SUBMISSION did not surprise me or show me some new sights, but they gave me 40+ solid minutes of workman Melodic Death. They’ve got the drive and conviction, that most ethereal of qualities; now they just need to work on doing something new and valuable. You could do a lot worse in the world of Melo-Death than SUBMISSION, but you could also do a bit better. Still, this is practically mandatory for fans of the above mentioned SOILWORK albums. (Online March 20, 2006)

Keith Stevens

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