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Various Artists - 10th Year Of Extreme Existence (8/10) - V/A - 2004

Genre: Grindcore / Death Metal
Label: Obscene Productions
Playing time: 75:14
Band homepage: -


  1. Dead Field (Squash Bowels)
  2. Blind Light (Ingrowing)
  3. Short Fuse (Extreme Noise Terror)
  4. Weapons For All (Abortion)
  5. American Dream (Abortion)
  6. Neurotransmitter (N.C.C.)
  7. Bomb Abc No Rio (Cripple Bastards)
  8. Respect Or Death (Cripple Bastards)
  9. Extremity Of The Will (Phobia)
  10. Exterminate To Emanc/The End Is Near (Abortion)
  11. Vulture Ritual (Squash Bowels)
  12. Screams Of Decapitated (Fleshless)
  13. Technology Spells Doom For Popular Relationship Maintaining (N.C.C.)
  14. Rhythmic Balls (Isacaarum)
  15. Raping The Earth (Dead Infection)
  16. The Darkness Inverted (Ingrowing)
  17. Fleshgrinder (Squash Bowels)
  18. Mind-Grind Machine (Garbage Disposal)
  19. God Loves Ignorant (Abortion)
  20. Exzess In San Salvador (Kaviar Kavalier)
  21. One Thing Is Sure (N.C.C.)
  22. Breaking Those Who Suspend To Talk (Squash Bowels)
  23. Red Stars Hypocrisy (Fleshless)
  24. Teenage Cunt Powerplay (Isacaarum)
  25. Dreams Torn Asunder (Ingrowing)
  26. Cleaning My Ass With Zips And Chains (Cripple Bastards)
  27. Land Where Sympathy Is Air (Lykathea Aflame)
  28. A Dank Smell Of Rotting Ovulation (Fleshless)
  29. Dear Uncle Creepy (Impetigo)
  30. Arts Of Farts (Isacaarum)
  31. I Hate Her (Gride)
  32. Stranger Mind: Possessed-Amsend-Passage (Squash Bowels)
  33. Evil Odium (Fleshless)
  34. Hunt Foxhunters (Agathocles)
  35. Low Life (Malignant Tumour)
  36. Sadists (Decomposed)
  37. Extreme Emotions (Psychpathia)
  38. Situs Viscerum Inversus Totalis (Malignant Tumour)
  39. Chemical And Bacterial Analysis (Malignant Tumour)
  40. Urogenital Sauce With Beef Genital (Hermaphrodit)
  41. Consumption Of Milk, Eggs, Fat And Meat Increased About 15% (Hermaphrodit)
Various Artists - 10th Year Of Extreme Existence

Here follows 42 ways to collapse your cranium, some of it subtly but for the most part in a plain brutal and bloody fashion. Obscene Productions offer up some putrid and some surprising dishes from their back catalogue and for the most part there is little you would send back to the kitchen such is the quality on display.


Much of the carnage here is full on angle grinder to face viciousness as purveyed convincingly by the likes of SQUASH BOWELS and FLESHLESS, but there is also the quirk that is NAPALM DEATH meets KRAFTWERK of KAVIAR KAVALIER, where did that come from? The other snot amongst the rot is the relative sophistication of LYKATHEA AFLAME with its middle eastern melody bordering on the sublime (relatively speaking.)


The artists on this compilation cover much of the Grind spectrum; barks, gurgles and screams all vie for your attention over the predominantly rapid pummelling you would expect. What it does exemplify is the amount of variety that does exist in a fairly restrictive genre and though there is plenty of the biological amongst this collection of the diabolical there is also plenty of the political and social comment.


Though there are no real bog trotters amongst this gathering, the highlights are predictably LYKATHEA AFLAME, ISACARUM and FLESHLESS. That said these bands are given a run for their money by many of the rest who are definitely snapping at their heels. These visceral cuts also demonstrate what was poured into the pot to make up Grind as a genre, namely Punk and later Death Metal, it also shows quite effectively that it stands on its own as a nasty bastard form of music.


Itís pointless dwelling too much on this collection, suffice to say that you canít go wrong with it as a musical prawn cocktail whether for the labels output or for the individual bands themselves. Acquire with confidence. (Online March 22, 2006)

Niall MacCartney

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