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Shakra - Fall (7,5/10) - Switzerland - 2005

Genre: Heavy Rock
Label: AFM Records
Playing time: 48:04
Band homepage: Shakra


  1. Chains Of Temptation
  2. Out Of Control
  3. Take Me Now
  4. All Or Nothing
  5. How It Feels
  6. Fall
  7. Walk On Water
  8. She’s My Ecstasy
  9. Make It Alright
  10. Nightlife
  11. Do You Know
  12. Immortal
Shakra - Fall

In the course of the years Swiss SHAKRA have evolved into a quite formidable force in the traditional Hard/Heavy Rock and offer us their fifth album with “Fall”. Compared to the last album I have heard, this being “Power Ride”, they have switched singers (from Pete Wiedmer to Mark Fox), but at the same time have hardly changed anything, but still play the same powerful, yet highly melodic sound that they have continued to hone over the past few years.


And that also means that they in no way have tried to go more commercial, the guitar work of the duo Thom Blunier and Thomas Muster still is crunchy and can rival quite a few Metal bands, and the melodic, but at times also nicely gritty voice of Mr Fox complements that very nicely, so you can see that some bands can get away with next to no evolution.


No matter if super catchy, as on “Chains Of Temptation“, “Take Me Now“, “She’s My Ecstasy“ or “Make It Alright“ or a bit more driving, as on “Out Of Control“ or “Walk On Water“, or tread upon the ballad sector (“How It Feels“, “Immortal“), they concentrate on what they do best and once more prove that the mountain folks rather model themselves at the mountains and stay away from experiments, which I can understand as Bavarian.


Another strong album by SHAKRA that once more stands for continuity and therefore really hits the mark with me, if it is too close to the previous album(s) for yourself, you’ll have to decide on your own… (Online March 28, 2006)

Alexander Melzer

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