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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - VARIOUS ARTISTS - Obscene Extreme 2005

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Various Artists - Obscene Extreme 2005 (8,5/10) - V/A - 2005

Genre: Grindcore
Label: Obscene Productions
Playing time: 65:51
Band homepage: -


  1. Looking Forward To A Long Toxic Death (Blood Duster)
  2. Disgorging Innards (Haemorrhage) >mp3
  3. Bloodprints (Death Reality)
  4. Bonesplicer (Regurgitate)
  5. Bodily Dismemberment (Regurgitate)
  6. Gorespattered Suicide (Avulsed)
  7. Buttsuck (Isacaarum)
  8. Blind Light (Ingrowing)
  9. Kill Your Family (Then Yourself) (Screamin’ Daemon)
  10. Vernichtung (Yacopsae)
  11. Clearance Of Century (Malignant Tumour)
  12. Thrusted To The Limit Of All Delights (Dead)
  13. Old Hags In Body Bags (Stoma)
  14. There Must Be War (Plastic Grave)
  15. Curacion Contra Lucro (Looking For An Answer)
  16. Conocimiento Implica Responsabilidad (Looking For An Answer)
  17. Haterealm (Kronos)
  18. Vulva Rasgada (Holocausto Canibal)
  19. Cum Eye (Inferia)
  20. Nerdolokaust (Malkavian)
  21. Sunburnt (Malkavian)
  22. Cannibal Otter (Malkavian)
  23. Last Laugh (Disfigured Corpse)
  24. As We Fall Down (Disfigured Corpse)
  25. Controlled Madness (Needful Things)
  26. Canniballistic Fantasies Combined With Sadomasochistic Practices (C.M.P.)
  27. C.D.M. (C.O.S.)
  28. Catholic (C.O.S.)
  29. Justice (C.O.S.)
  30. Open Your Ears (C.O.S.)
  31. I Want To Kill (Deflorace)
  32. Close To Decomposing (Caedere)
  33. About Love (Onanizer)
  34. Umirajici Nevinnost (Profesor Lefebvre)
  35. Continence In Killing (Patologicum)
  36. Tujou (Exhale)
  37. In And Out, To Screw Up (Exhale)
Various Artists - Obscene Extreme 2005

Here we go for another ear wax clearing, nose bleed inducing face ripper courtesy of Obscene. That means more quality Grindcore (for the most part,) you should already be reaching for your wallet.


Opening with the menace of BLOOD DUSTER with their belligerent chorus, the rails are greased for a rapid procession of the gnarly and the nasty as distortion lays waste track after track. As with the recently reviewed “10 Years...” compilation from this label, there is plenty to chew on here and you can be assured it will chew right back. Velocity is at the forefront throughout courtesy of the likes of INGROWING, STOMA and ONANIZER, in fact just about every band here wouldn't know a brake if it walked up to them and kicked seven shades out of them. Their idea of slowing down is running into a brick wall and then off they hurtle again.


Though for the most part this is a case of a Grind peg in a Grind hole, (in some cases two Grind pegs in a Grind hole,) there are deviations from the scene including the more Deathly AVULSED and the rabid murder Black Metal of SCREAMIN' DAEMON, the latter injecting some humour into a usually sombre genre. You also get the severely Punked up contribution from MALIGNANT TUMOUR and creeping zombie Sludge of C.M.P.


The production varies from track to track but I have to say nothing suffers by it and each title has its own killing edge. There are no weak songs here and little in the way of puerility from anyone and so the grimaces are real and the lyrics spat out (or in some cases dribbled out,) with conviction. Collectively heavier than a herd of hippos, this compilation blasts along leaving limb filled craters behind it. The bullet train groove accompanying much of what races by can only further the enjoyment of this most welcome concussion cannonade.


As a brutal introduction for newcomers or a rough house reminder for the initiated, “Obscene Extreme 2005” wins always round. It also has educational value. Every woman should be made aware of the advice provided at the beginning of HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL's masher. (Online March 26, 2006)

Niall MacCartney

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