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Clawfinger - Hate Yourself With Style (2/10) - Sweden - 2006

Genre: Nu-Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Playing time: 39:20
Band homepage: Clawfinger


  1. The Faggot In You
  2. Hate Yourself With Style
  3. Dirty Lies
  4. The Best & The Worst
  5. Breakout (Embrace The Child...)
  6. Right To Rape
  7. What We've Got Is What You're Getting
  8. Sick Of Myself
  9. Hypocrite
  10. Without A Case
  11. God Is Dead
Clawfinger - Hate Yourself With Style

It didn't take me long to realize one thing about this record: I really don't like it. To be blunt, CLAWFINGER is Nu-Metal of the absolute lowest variety, the kind of band that gives the rest of the genre a bad name. Whether it be the music, the lyrics, or the general tough-guy attitude that permeates this disc, this trite schlock is just too much to take.


First, let's talk about the music...or lack thereof. Think of typical, power chord driven Nu-Metal, though with an awkward blast beat or two sprinkled at random spots in the album. The style here is so simplistic that it brings to mind even the most one-dimensional of Hardcore - seriously, these guys are about on par with MINOR THREAT (no disrespect meant to MINOR THREAT there, but you have to admit, they were not proficient with their respective instruments). The vocals are delivered in a sing-songy rap fashion, albeit with absolutely no flow whatsoever. The choruses find the vocalist switching to a rough, melodic tone, with the melodies so predictable that you could sing along before even hearing the song once, half-way through. Even the RAMONES had more substance than this.


The lyrics range from sophomoric to just plain bad. In "Sick Of Myself" we hear over and over how the singer hates himself, in oh so subtle fashion: "I hate myself! So sick of myself!" In "Hypocrite," we are treated to such poetry as "I'm such a hypocrite! I'm so full of it!" Repeat ad nauseum. Last but not least, in the album closer "God Is Dead," we hear the title shouted over and over, as if Trent Reznor hadn't informed us of this over a decade ago. At least Reznor had the decency to employ the famous Nietzsche quote in context, rather than take on and run with the most common misinterpretation of what the man actually meant, as CLAWFINGER has done. But I'll save the Nietzsche rant for another time.


Bad music with bad lyrics makes for a bad album. I'm sorry to CLAWFINGER and Nuclear Blast, but I can't recommend this to anyone. (Online March 27, 2006)

Wesley D. Cray

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