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Supreme Majesty - Divine Enigma (8/10) - Sweden - 1999

Genre: Melodic Metal
Label: Loud'n'Proud
Playing time: 20:35
Band homepage: Supreme Majesty


  1. No Farewells
  2. Die In A Dream
  3. King Of Eternity's Realm
  4. The Blood We Spilled
Supreme Majesty - Divine Enigma
Does anybody know the Swedish Melodic Black Metalians MORTUM that have released one album via Invasion Records? Yes? Then you meet three old acquaintances on this mini-CD, because guitarists Chrille Andersson and Rille Svensson plus drummer Bartek Nalezinski.

But what the quintet has banned onto silicone is completely different from their offering under the MORTUM-moniker, because SUPREME MAJESTY offer a mixture of Power Metal and Heavy Metal, which makes you look forward to their (hopefully) following long-player.

"No Farewells" shows melodious Metal with some Power Metal-tendencies in the chorus, "Die In A Dream" speedy Power Heavy Metal. "King Of Eternity's Realm" is the highlight of the silver disc, also with powerful Heavy Metal and great vocal melodies, before "The Blood We Spilled" finishes off "Divine Enigma" pleasantly balladesque.

Like stated somewhere else (SALAMANDRA), originality is not SUPREME MAJESTY's biggest asset, but as long as it sounds so good as here, the True Metal-trend can go on for me...

Alexander Melzer

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