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Acheron - Rites Of The Black Mass (8,5/10) - USA - 1991

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Turbo Music
Playing time: 44:32
Band homepage: Acheron


  1. To Thee We Confess
  2. Thou Art Lord
  3. Ave Satanas
  4. Summoning The Master
  5. One With Darkness
  6. Prayer Of Hell
  7. Unholy Praises
  8. Cursed Nazarene
  9. The Enochian Key
  10. Le Us Depart
Acheron - Rites Of The Black Mass
Pure stress at work, trouble with the boss - what do you do when you get home? Get drunk, get stoned or kill someone? My form of ventilation is extreme music. This time I thought about something different, which had been in the box for a while and almost collected dust already. ACHERONs fürst "Rites Of The Black Mass", was about time again!

They play mid-paced Death Metal with satanic lyrics, super evil and pretty simply instrumented. No blasts, no technical frills, just straight ahead! The vocals are brutal, but intelligible. But ACHERON are no white-washed Black Metal-pussies, with some hollow paroles. The boss of ACHERON, a certain Vincent Crowley, is a true Satanist, who, as far as I know, leads "The Order Of The Evil Eye", a sub-division of the "Church Of Satan". An expert, so to say.

Also interesting, the player shows 20 titles, even though there only are 10 songs. The solution of the puzzle: Each song has its intro! And as far as I know, an excerpt from a Satanic mass! The music should appeal to all of you, who still like the originals, CELTIC FROST, BATHORY, VENOM or SLAYER. Pretty easy to get on second-hand-markets.

Falk Kollmannsperger

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