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Wolfmother - Dimensions (8/10) - Australia - 2006

Genre: Stoner Rock
Label: Modular Records
Playing time: 15:09
Band homepage: Wolfmother


  1. Dimension
  2. Mind's Eye
  3. Love Train
  4. Earth's Rotation Around The Sun
  5. Dimension (Video)
  6. Mind's Eye (Video)
Wolfmother - Dimensions

"Retro-Rock" is almost not even a fitting term anymore, as there are so many bands playing the style that it no longer seems fitting to call it "retro" at all. Thankfully, Australia's WOLFMOTHER stands above the crowd, playing not just Retro Rock but really good Retro Rock, which can be a rare thing in these times. This EP, a little teaser before an upcoming full-length, contains four tracks and two videos and is worth a look if you like your music dirty, Bluesy and heavy in that old fashioned way.


Alternately sounding like BLACK SABBATH, CLUTCH, THE WHITE STRIPES and WITCHCRAFT, WOLFMOTHER lays down some thick, raw grooves alongside memorable choruses and passionate vocals. The first two tracks, "Dimension" and "Mind's Eye" are rip-roaring, stomping affairs that will worm their way into your head, while the ending "Earth's Rotation Around The Sun" caps off the EP with a walk down the path of psychedelia. As a treat, we get videos to go along with the first two tracks.


This disc will probably appeal to Alt/Hard Rock fans more than Metalheads, but given the strength of the two opening tracks, "Dimensions" is something that any fan of the bands mentioned above would do well to check out. (Online April 3, 2006)

Wesley D. Cray

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