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Iron Savior - Condition Red (9/10) - Germany - 2002

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Noise Records
Playing time: 66:37
Band homepage: Iron Savior


  1. Titans Of Our Time
  2. Protector
  3. Ironbound
  4. Condition Red
  5. Warrior
  6. Mindfeeder
  7. Walls Of Fire
  8. Tales Of The Bold
  9. I Will Be There (Bonus-Track)
  10. No Heroes
  11. Paradise
  12. Thunderbird
  13. Crazy (Bonus-Track)
Iron Savior - Condition Red

What you get here is a no-frills, ho hold barred straight up Power Metal-disc with no experimenting of any kind. The Germans continue to invade our music stores with the latest from IRON SAVIOR. Rest assured, there are no hidden surprises here.

The opener "Titans Of Our Time" is a straight forward Power Metal-jam with contagious guitar riffs and melodic hooks that will reel in any true fan of Power Metal with the quickness of ease. Piet's voice is just as superb as ever as he belts away his 13 tracks here. "Protector" is another jam where the opening riff is very avant garde to one of their idols: IRON MAIDEN. Even though Kai Hansen may have left the band, these guys sound better than ever now that they are a six piece and they are just as solid sounding to boot.

What is truly a classic here is their cover of Seal's "Crazy". This version is loaded with bottom end bass and lots of groove and rhythm are provided here. A great cover just like their German counter parts ANGEL DUST who cover Seal's "Killer" on their latest as well. They say not to judge a book by it's cover. But when you see the cover of the band's latest, it's a picture of an explosion and this CD just does that: explodes!

This disc is a powder keg just exploding with power, rhythm, melody, catchy hooks, and speed. Another great space opera has been provided courtesy of IRON SAVIOR. (Online August 1, 2002)

Joe Florez

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