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Apostasy - Devilution (5/10) - Sweden - 2005

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Black Mark
Playing time: 40:48
Band homepage: Apostasy


  1. Malignant
  2. Sulphur Injection
  3. Virus >mp3
  4. Supreme Architecture
  5. Vengeance >mp3
  6. Salvation Denied
  7. Soul Grime
  8. Suicide Breeze >mp3
Apostasy - Devilution

Would it surprise you if I assert that APOSTASY – more or less – clone DIMMU BORGIR? Well they do and “Devilution” is about as standard as a release gets. Unfortunately, this review wasn’t exciting to write, but bear with me for a little while and I’ll try to get you outta here as soon as I can.


Anyway, to get back on track, “Devilution” is put together well: eight tracks collectively reach 40 minutes in length. While novices didn’t tackle the Melodic Black Metal played here, it sounds too much like DIMMU BORGIR (post-“Spiritual Black Dimensions”) to warrant more than a glance. I mean, check out the keyboards on “Virus,” or the heavily processed growls on “Sulphur Injection” (3:50-59), or the organ effects on “Salvation Denied.” Parroting Shagrath’s distorted vox – especially when they’re of the robotic variety – won’t get you atop that elusive BM pedestal in any country, nor can you expect accolades when you borrow so liberally from such a loved/hated band. Conversely, however, APOSTASY are at their best when they go balls out, showcasing a frenzied furious temperament like their fellow countrymen, namely CRIMSON MOONLIGHT. It’s not about speed, though, at least not on “Devilution.” Most of the tunes move quickly, but seldom reach the lightning fastness of, say, 1349. Nonetheless, this effort has applause-worthy instrumentation, production and cohesion, which were ostensibly achieved at the expense of originality.


In sum, there’s really not much else to say. Can’t get enough of the long-running Norwegians? Then give APOSTASY’s “Devilution” a gander, or their debut “Cell 666.” I’m sure they aren’t too different. Methinks establishing a unique approach should be this Swedish group’s number one priority. Leave conspicuous influences behind, guys. (Online April 4, 2006)

Jason Jordan

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