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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - ISACAARUM - Shibari Kata And Other Practices

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Isacaarum - Shibari Kata And Other Practices (7,5/10) - Czech Republic - 2005

Genre: Grindcore
Label: Obscene Productions
Playing time: 33:09
Band homepage: Isacaarum


  1. Spermivore
  2. Jizzmasterpiss
  3. Buttsuck
  4. Hermaphrodite Anal Express
  5. Clitblaster
  6. Pussy Off-Road
  7. Homo Erected
  8. Shit Paintress
  9. Bukakke Bitchbombers
  10. Perineum Battlefield >mp3
  11. Blow Job Time Part II
  12. Cummageddon Final Cuntdown
Isacaarum - Shibari Kata And Other Practices

Mature Grindcore? Not on your Nelly. ISACAARUM present quality music that opens the door to filth and depravity. The unwary will be suckered in by this more Deathly beast and end up frolicking in their own shit and piss.


Those who have followed the band will probably see “Shibari Kata...” as their most professional contribution to date. ISACAARUM, who have always shown plenty of promise, have hardened their sound and geared down a notch. What they have also done is add weight to their iron fist so that no intensity is lost. The Grindcore element is buttressed, so to speak, with more Death Metal ingredients, the whole effect lending to a more purposeful vehicle for delivering their cum soaked lyrics.


Whilst the band still pile it on thick and fast, they do not tie themselves to the blast and seem more content to inflict a more consistent pounding to the listener whilst still offering up the shitty end of the stick. There is plenty of attention given to the riffs which tend to be burrow under the skin after repeated listening. ISACAARUM slow it right down on occasion which befits the general wallowing in your own filth (and anyone else's,) subject matter. The sense of perversion does splatter over your cheek throughout, even if you don't bother to read the lyrics. The guttural growling commands that you take heed whilst the shrieking counterpoint suggests what will happen if you don't. This dual vocal violation works very well, adding more depth to an already serious sounding record.


The guitar on this album has an appropriately dirty tone, crusty exudation flaking off the strings as the tracks stampede by. The bass is apparent and acts as the Sergeant at Arms confining proceedings so they don't get out of hand. Drums are used in a fairly old school Grind / Punk fashion, there isn't much in the way of blast but there is plenty of menace to them. Whilst we mention menace, “Blow Job Time Part II” reeks of it, assisted by what sounds like saxophone wailing in the background.


Though this is a cohesive album, I would say that it does lack a standout track. That said there are no weak tracks and the insistence of the delivery should keep you with them from start to finish. Praise has to be given for the way that the band have presented their themes without falling into the trap of sounding puerile. The mature music and the whiff of experience suggested in the lyrics bars any accusation of sniggering schoolboys. I'd avoid getting invited to any of their private parties though. As some squeaky voiced Punkess once squawked, Oh bondage up yours. (Online April 4, 2006)

Niall MacCartney

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