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Hypocrisy - Virus (9/10) - Sweden - 2005

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Playing time: 44:49
Band homepage: Hypocrisy


  1. XIV
  2. War Path
  3. Scrutinized >mp3
  4. Fearless
  5. Craving For Another Killing
  6. Let The Knife Do The Talking
  7. A Thousand Lies
  8. Incised Before Iíve Ceased
  9. Blooddrenched
  10. Compulsive Psychosis
  11. Living To Die
Hypocrisy - Virus

I have taken to this band in a huge way since "Hypocrisy" and once their material has been a combination of heavy, ethereal and melodic since the with the exception of "Into The Abyss." While, I love this music very much, things were starting to get repetitive a bit and thought that this was the end and in a sense I wish it was because I want more PAIN now, but once I got this release all bets are off.


I was curious about the news bits I read about the forthcoming album from Peter because he said it was the most brutal thing he has done in a long time. I thought that might be too much or something. I wasn't sure how to approach this new stuff without hearing it. So, I set my judgments aside and once I popped this in, all I can say is "OH MY FUCKING GOD!" There is still life in this band after all. What was needed was some fresh blood and addition musicians. First off, Horgh does a superb job at punishing his kit. Also, new guitar player Andreas is a breath of fresh air because now the band sounds more full and more punishing.


"Warpath" lives up to its name because you will get pummelized right from the get go. The blast beats are sick as hell while Peter's voice is more growly as opposed to screeching. The funny thing is that it's slightly melodic, but there manages to be some atmosphere to the song. The solos on here are killer as they sound fresh and technical although they are quick. This one track here contains a little of everything from all of the bands past albums. Incredible. "Scrutinized" contains a guest guitar solo by Gary Holt of EXODUS fame and while it's slightly slowed down, don't be fooled because they still have plenty of aggression packed in the song. "Fearless" offers something for the more melodic fans as this one sounds like something that came off of the "Hypocrisy" disc. It's catchy, ugly and is worth head banging too. I see this being a fan fav live.


Now, not only can the guys show other folks how to do old school Death Metal on "Craving For Another Killing", but they know how to be modern at the same time and this is nothing short of whirlwind cacophony. I have to say that Peter and company sure know how to write and compose a killer Death Metal ballad. They have been doing it for a while now, but they are just so cool to listen to. "A Thousand Lies" is another track that is going to be memorable for a long time just because it's different. The closer on here "Living To Die" is a Death Metal power ballad that has Pete singing in a somewhat clear voice and add to that there is plenty of moody atmosphere that makes for another appealing track. HYPOCRISY has truly made the ultimate album here that is a mix of everything so fans from the past and present can unite here. This is a definite can't miss. (Online April 5, 2006)

Joe Florez

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