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Sathanas - Entering The Diabolical Trinity (7/10) - USA - 2005

Genre: Black Metal / Death Metal
Label: Pulverised Records
Playing time: 39:04
Band homepage: Sathanas


  1. Intro (Carpe Noctum)
  2. Entering The Diabolic Trinity
  3. Demonized
  4. Descent Of The Holy
  5. Unleash The Wolves
  6. Under A Black Spell
  7. Realm Of Carnage
  8. Triumph Of Darkness
  9. In The Circle Of Hell
  10. Into The Massacre
Sathanas - Entering The Diabolical Trinity

In the 80’s, during the formative years of the extreme Metal genres, there was considerable overlap between styles as boundary definitions were hazy and incomplete at best. Many current bands try to emulate that pure “Metal” feel that encompasses everything from SODOM to VENOM, POSSESSED and early MORBID ANGEL, but you can almost always tell that they are a product of our definitions and genre restraints. SATHANAS doesn’t try to be old-school, they are. Formed in 1988 and resurrected in ’94, with members of ACHERON no less, these guys just naturally embody that sound that most of today’s acts try so hard to emulate.


The production is a little dated and raw, but not thin. It is sufficiently weighty do live up to current standards. The music is as described above, with excellent thrashing rhythms and wonderful tempo changes.


The main strength to the album is that all the compositions flow in such a natural way. Strong riffs and deliberately head-banging sections drive anthemic songs that get lodged firmly in your head and get your head nodding involuntarily. Unfortunately the main weakness is that all good exponents of this style will do the same and too many do it better. Still, don’t despair, it is indeed a worthy release. (Online April 7, 2006)

Niall Kennedy

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