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Opposition Party - Zombified (6,5/10) - Singapore - 2005

Genre: Thrash Metal / Punk
Label: Pulverised Records
Playing time: 27:28
Band homepage: Opposition Party


  1. Zombie
  2. Taking Us For Fools
  3. Ignorance
  4. Brain Fucked
  5. Control Your Mind
  6. Ever Wonder Why
  7. It's Chaos >mp3
  8. Because
  9. Not The Way To Live
  10. Land Of Hope And Glory
  11. As Good As Dead
Opposition Party - Zombified

’s first “Punk” band has returned to shower us with streams of infectious cross-over, Thrash/Punk grooves. The relentless riffing and energy, is clearly derived from the better parts of G.B.H and THE EXPLOITED with more than a hint of ANTHRAX.


When Hardcore Punk became increasingly extreme, in all varieties, it was because it developed more metallic and weighty sections. DISCHARGE and ANTI-CIMEX, to name but a couple, mastered the art and created some of the rawest, most direct, hard-hitting music known to man. Everything, the sound, the attitude and the self-importance exuded undiluted energy to an extent that few have since managed to recapture. OPPOSITION PARTY have tried and, to some extent, updated this with a modern, though stripped-down, production. But is this album, in its essence as pure and as good as that which they are harking back to?


Usually I am loathe to read other opinions of reviews before writing my own, for fear that it may influence my perception. In this case, though, I did and was surprised to discover that most people felt the Thrash was here in spades, more so than the Punk. To be honest, where this is “Thrash” it is energetic and vibrant, but the quality of the material is somewhat lacking compared to the stalwart exponents of this cross-over sound. The particularly Punk percussion and malicious vocal emissions are what drive the album forward and strive to recapture the feel of the 80’s scene.


“Zombified” is an enjoyable, pure and honest release where the intention far outstrips the quality. The production is perfect for this era and the music is suitably unrefined, though unusually developed for the style. The overall creation is something that does not come up to the standard set before it, but it still remains an enjoyable, easy way to spend half an hour. (Online April 8, 2006)

Niall Kennedy

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