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35 tablatures for Decapitated

Decapitated - Organic Halucinosis (10/10) - Poland - 2006

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Earache
Playing time: 32:44
Band homepage: Decapitated


  1. A Poem About An Old Prison Man
  2. Day 69
  3. Relevance of Existence (The Trip)
  4. Post(?)Organic
  5. Visual Delusion
  6. Flash(B)lack
  7. Invisible Control
Decapitated - Organic Halucinosis

Holy Shit!


What an extraordinary release this album is! This may only be the fourth full-length CD from Poland’s DECAPITATED, but in this short times-pan, the band have managed to climb the Death Metal mountain ever so high, knocking a lot of the competition off on the way up. The performance on this album is highly technical and complex. The instruments have an incredible amount of speed and skill in the way they are played.


The massive opener “A Poem About An Old Prison Man” is totally insane and the brutality follows up throughout the entire song. There’s some short solos that fit well in this song and the vocal style of newly recruited singer “Covan” completes the song perfectly and flawless. This song was originally a poem written by Charles Manson.


“Day 69” is the next track and while being the shortest track on the album (at a mere 3 minutes), it surely does not disappoint music-wise. Covan performs a few intense screams in the song and guitarist “Vogg” performs some nice ultra-fast alternate picking.


The next song “Revelation of Existence (The Trip)” is a little bit slower than its previous tracks, but still manages to stay heavy and brutal.


“Post Organic” is one of my favorite DECAPITATED songs ever created. I don’t know how these guys got so damn talented, but who cares! This song screams (literally) intensity. The guitar solo performed on this song is out of this fucking world and the drumming is hypersonic, to say the least. (Yes hypersonic is a real word, if you don’t know what it means, look it up.)


“Visual Delusion” is another stellar track on this album. The technicality is how you say, extreme to the fucking max; and the lyrics are something to behold. This song was written based on a dream by one of the band members.


“Flash-B(l)ack” is another groovy track on the CD that you should definitely listen to over a million times. The dual guitar attack really gives your eardrums a good swift punch!


And now we come the concluding epic “Invisible Control”. Another technical masterpiece that deserves as much attention (or even a little more) than all the other songs on “Organic Halucinosis” The guitars in this song really give you an exhilarating feel and will definitely get your adrenaline pumping at full speed through every vein and out of every orifice in your body.


I can not thank DECAPITATED enough for this album. The more I listen to it, the more I love it. With such intelligence and talent, I wonder why these guys aren’t more popular. Oh well, at least I got to listen to all their amazing records. Congratulations, DECAPITATED. You have given your fans an album that is 100% flawless.


You’re still reading this review? GO BUY THE CD! (Online April 9, 2006)

Jeremy Sanchez

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