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Surma - Veren Tytär (5/10) - Finland - 2005

Genre: Extreme Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 15:38
Band homepage: Surma


  1. Musta Joutsen >mp3
  2. Sielunraiskaaja >mp3
  3. Nimetön
  4. Tuhometalli >mp3
Surma - Veren Tytär

Another new band from the Land of Thousand Lakes this is, going by the name of SURMA. “Veren Tytär” is their second demo after releasing the first in 2004. First of all there is the artwork which is odd but still pretty nice; the concept itself isn’t special at all but the color scheme, in particular the green sky, creates an odd atmosphere. Second, everything from the songs and lyrics to basically every damn word in the booklet is in their native Finnish language. I’ve always liked this language and even though I don’t understand a rat’s arse about what is being said it does improve the music’s atmosphere.


The opener “Musta Joutsen” starts with a good fast tempo and a nice heavy riff. Extremely obvious from the start however is the production which is unusually heavy and fat for a demo recording but doesn’t really fit the music. Especially the really heavy bass sound seems more fitted for a brutal Death Metal band. The vocals are luckily not drowned out at all and a pretty good in their harshness, like I said, the Finnish language sounds quite good here.


The beginning of “Sielunraiskaaja” is pretty horrible sadly, for over three minutes there is some boring doom-like start/stop riff played with some meager drums and average vocals. A really bad start and even though the song improves a bit after that with some double bass and a tiny hint of melody the song is pretty much lost as their whole sound seems unfit for this music. Admittedly, the final guitar part is good.


“Nimetön” is luckily better although they still have those unpleasant breaks in the music, when the band simply maintains a tempo and adds some guitar melodies some potential is heard. The closing track is a bit faster and shows the band members playing some more interesting stuff albeit not too memorable.


SURMA shows potential, mainly in the opening song, but they either need to change the production or change the style of music they play, at the moment it’s pretty mediocre and the songs simply don’t last. (Online April 11, 2006)

Milan Elkerbout

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