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Thy Disease - Develish Act Of Creation (9,5/10) - Poland - 2002

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Metal Mind Records
Playing time: 46:50
Band homepage: Thy Disease


  1. Condemnation Of Whores
  2. Angel Ashamed
  3. Impure Lust
  4. Crashing The Soul
  5. Finding God
  6. The Wish
  7. New Slaughter
  8. Art Of Decadence
  9. Coursed
  10. My Serpent
  11. Frozen
  12. Act Of Creation
Thy Disease - Develish Act Of Creation
Situation: You walk into your favourite Metal-store and start digging through the racks to find the CDs you want... Hey, what's that music in the background, sounds wicked… After 2 songs you can't control yourself anymore, you HAVE TO check which band this is, so you walk to the counter, to find out moments later that this band is THY DISEASE… And after hearing about 4 songs of "Devilish Act Of Creation" in the store, I just HAD to buy it.

I'm having a hard time determining what brand of Metal THY DISEASE, hailing from the fantastic Metal-country Poland, delivers. One one hand, the keyboard and screaming vocals shout BLACK METAL, yet the riffing, drumming, and grunting suggests that DEATH METAL also has found its way into these guys' music, as the keys also mainly serve as atmosphere builders rather than carriers of the songs (which is fine by me, I prefer the atmosphere instead of the endless pling plong some bands bore us with time after time). Hell, why put a tag on this, fact of the matter is that we're dealing with a mesmerizing onslaught of metallic greatness…

A challenging task is always the favourite tracks part and for "Devilish Act Of Creation" it's even more difficult as I can't really find songs that are even remote to "not really good"… but if you insist: "Angel Ashamed", "Impure Lust", "Finding God", "Art Of Decadence" and "My Serpent" are just a selection of the metallic delights on this record. Not to mention the surprising Madonna…. Yes, MADONNA-cover "Frozen". I must say, crappy poppy music has never sounded this good!!! Assisted by some female vocals they manage to rebuild it to a worthy track for this record!

In conclusion, the impression that "Devilish Act Of Creation" left on me that afternoon in the CD-store is something I won't soon forget! The seemingly endless well of Polish talent once again delivers a band that is way ahead of the pack, and this even makes the very world tremble!!! A "Devilish Act Of Creation"… and the devil saw it was good…

Vincent Portegijs

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