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Sacred Steel - Bloodlust (9,5/10) - Germany - 2000

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Metal Blade Records
Playing time: 43:44
Band homepage: Sacred Steel


  1. Stormhammer
  2. The Oath Of Blood
  3. By The Wrath Of The Unborn
  4. Blood On My Steel
  5. Metal Is War
  6. Sacred Warriors Of Steel
  7. Dark Forces Lead Me To The Brimstone Gate
  8. Master Of Thy Fate
  9. Lust For Blood
  10. Throne Of Metal
Sacred Steel - Bloodlust

All the good things are three, huh? Hm, not by all means, if you ask the fans of the Swabian Power Metal flagship SACRED STEEL for the worst album of their gods. Then you mostly get “Bloodlust” as answer, the third and as well the last album of the guys, which has been released by the legendary US-Label Metal Blade. To be honest, the album had a hard debut for me as well, though I am an enthusiastic fan of the sacred steel since the debut “Reborn In Steel”. If you get involved with the 44 minutes of pure Metal, you’ll get ten high-carat bullets, which you don’t want to measure anymore.


Well, Gerrit and his army aren’t reinventing the Metal in here, they sound principally still like they did at both predecessors (what has changed with the successors “Slaughter Prophecy” and “Iron Blessings”) and they don’t let any cliché miss. But why should they even do that? SACRED STEEL are standing with 100% behind that, what they’re doing and they’re don’t making themselves as ridiculous as MANOWAR did it often. Here it is just “back to the roots” into the glorious 80s and celebrating this kind of Metal, which the kiddies of nowadays do not even know anymore.


The songs are totally first-class stuff for every True Metalhead, who loves the Old School as much as I do. Gerrit’s Voice is a love-hate, but I don’t have any problem with it and also fans of KING DIAMOND/JUDAS PRIEST should not have one. From the catchy “Stormhammer” to the mid-paced banger “Throne Of Metal” are enough riffs to break your neck. The absolute highlights are definitely the melodic and catchy “Blood On My Steel” with a very enormous headbanging-factor (who doesn’t bang his head here, isn’t into Metal!), the fast, driving “Metal Is War” and the half-way ballad “Master Of Thy Fate” with a killer-riffing! There is no mercy for your neck!


By the way, Alex. From my point of view SACRED STEEL would switch the place with LEFAY – at the last sentence of your review of “Bloodlust”... (Online April 11, 2006)

Chris Kraemer

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