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Fermento - Symbols Of Supremacy, Symbols Of Decrepitude (6/10) - Spain - 1997

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Goremania Records
Playing time: 35:36
Band homepage: Fermento


  1. I’m Still The Lone Vengeful Wolf
  2. Symbols Of Supremacy
  3. Murder In Mind
  4. Immortal Fever Of Desire
  5. Gardens Of Maturity
  6. Shoot Some Brains
  7. Symbols Of Decrepitude >mp3
  8. Never Forget The Rains
Fermento - Symbols Of Supremacy, Symbols Of Decrepitude

I was digging through my collection the other day looking for some obscure Death/Grind bands to review when I came across this disc by FERMENTO that I have not listened to in years. After a couple of spins to refresh my memory I remembered why this album has been collecting dust for so long – it’s pathetic!! *more listening to this album*….ehrm… OK, so it doesn’t suck that much, but this is by no means a great album.


For those of you who don’t know, FERMENTO is a band that has been around for over 15 years, only releasing 2 albums in all those years. They come from Spain by the way, home of other purveyors of all things rotten and vile, like MACHETAZO, TU CARNE and the great HAEMORRHAGE. If you are into the abovementioned bands, then you can pretty much figure out what FERMENTO sound like: drums that sound both human and programmed at the same time, distorted beyond hell fuzzy riffs, nonexistent bass and a vocalist that sounds like he’s gargling very thick syrup.


I know that bands like these are in no way going to be original nor exciting, so the only thing that I can really rate them on is the level of conviction in their brutality. FERMENTO have no problems in this category (their bio states that “everything about this album generates violence”…), but it generates more frustration in me that anything else. Sure, its brutal and heavy (play this at a botanical garden and watch the flowers wilt and die!) but it is ultra repetitive and there are not enough tempo changes or interesting riffs to keep my attention for 30 minutes straight.


The best track on here is “Gardens Of Maturity”, a track where the band actually manages to get some groove going and I cant help but headbang when it gets going. “Symbols Of Supremacy” isn’t too bad and there is something that vaguely resembles a guitar solo somewhere in “Immortal Fever Of Desire”, but apart from that, there is nothing too special on here.


I guess there will always be a fanbase for this stuff, but FERMENTO just aren’t good enough to warrant any serious interest. (Online April 13, 2006)

Neil Pretorius

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