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Bewitched - Somewhere Beyond The Mist (6/10) - Chile - 2002

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Conquistador
Playing time: 69:32
Band homepage: Bewitched


  1. Sons Of Satan
  2. Stargazer
  3. The New Dawn Of Middle Earth
  4. Merciful Faith
  5. Waterfall Of Illusions
  6. Bewitched
  7. Semitarius
  8. Dreamweaver
  9. Midwinter Gathering
  10. Crossing The Veil Of Mist
  11. Somewhere Beyond The Mist
Bewitched - Somewhere Beyond The Mist
Black Doom from Chile… Well… Something new, eh? Apparently "Somewhere Beyond The Mist" already is the third album of the South Americans, but I've never heard anything of them before…

Anyway, what does the sextet bring? A pretty diverse mix from Black Metal, Doom Metal, traditional Metal and KING DIAMOND. BEWITCHED (not to be confused with the name of same name from Sweden) cannot be categorised so easily, they happily fuse the different styles together, half of the songs with a playing time of more than 6, one even with 10,5 minutes, quick and vicious attack these are not…

"Sons Of Satan" kicks it off with pretty grim Black Metal, the following "Stargazer" surprises with clean vocals and many melodies, "The New Dawn Of Middle Earth" combines Black Metal with Death Metal and a few traditional elements, "Merciful Faith" as well guitar-wise and even more vocally pure KING DIAMOND (no wonder with that title), "Waterfall Of Illusions" is a pure, calm piano-piece, "Bewitched" is not the band-hymn, but a CANDLEMASS-cover-version, you see, they plough across the whole veggie-field…

This has a good and a less good side to it, though… First of all the good one: They prove to be very variable and the single songs mostly are very well done and also are of pretty good quality, but, and that is the less good one, the album lacks focus, lacks a red line, which makes it a bit difficult to listen to the whole album in one swoop and/or to remember too many elements, due to the length of the songs there are so many different runs, tempos and atmospheres that you could almost call it progressive already…

All in all without a doubt a really interesting album, which nicely breaks out of the beaten paths or tries to, but at times they just overdo it and lose the red line, a definitve can-buy, but unfortunately not a must, listen to it first, because this is not for everyone, so (despite my sympathy for bands from Metal-wise "exotic countries") this gets only 6 points…

Alexander Melzer

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