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Bestial Mockery - Gospel Of The Insane (7/10) - Sweden - 2006

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Osmose Productions
Playing time: 37:24
Band homepage: Bestial Mockery


  1. Tyrants Of Hells Land
  2. Hell’s Vociferation
  3. Father In Heaven
  4. The Ecstasy Of Holocaust
  5. Selfdestructive Salvation
  6. Out From The Cold-Straight To Hell
  7. Black Metal Slaughter
  8. The Punishment Of Pure Hellpain
  9. Satan’s Devilsaw
  10. Domesticator
  11. Slut-Fuck-Cult
  12. Morbid Chainsaw Extermination
  13. Sledgehammer’s Sacrifice
Bestial Mockery - Gospel Of The Insane

You gotta love that Blackened Thrash “fuck off” attitude coupled with that dirty sound producing this sincere atmosphere which overwhelms you with lethal riffs and blistering pace. For this reason alone you gotta love BESTIAL MOCKERY. Rumor is that these guys are mentally divergent and I’m inclined to believe, as “Gospel Of The Insane” is a hell-ride of face-shredding guitar-work and throat searing screaming which bears a natural perversity testifying to the album’s epithet.


The fuzzy and clouded guitar-tone/production gives this disc a very gruesome feel akin to the demo sound produced by SAURON’s last album, which is of course fucking stellar and adds a natural charm to the whole thing which is too often void from the contemporary over-produced scene. The guitar-tone is as fierce as “Pleasure To Kill” and this certainly helps in showcasing the intense riffage which is comprised of a thorough blend of Black Metal melodies given a bit of a sharpened Thrash edge and pushed through a grinder of grotesque proportions. The whole thing is shoveled into your ears faster than you can say “Slut-Fuck-Cult” as the tempos bend you over and clean out your sinuses.


The raspy Black Metal vocals certainly compliment the band’s twisted sound and add a bit of leverage to this hay-maker. Listen to “Out From The Cold-Straight To Hell” where the vocal/riff attack is firing on all cylinders and your neck is snapping faster than if it was under the butcher’s blade. I also enjoy the drumming from a bit of a detached and minimalist perspective as the ferocity makes up for the lack of diversity. Fills are used as intros in a couple of instances as well and this completely works, kicking you in the gut and knocking the wind out of you prior to being violated with a disgusting riff or spine-snapping solo.


If you dig Blackened Thrash, BESTIAL MOCKERY is for you. Nothing new is accomplished with this release other than several dozen frantic riffs which hearken to the 80’s yet kill in the new millennium. From “Hell’s Vociferation” to “Morbid Chainsaw Dismemberment” the guitar-work never slackens and the head never stops banging. (Online April 15, 2006)

Charles Theel

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