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Pharaoh - The Longest Night (9,5/10) - USA - 2006

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Cruz Del Sur Music
Playing time: 53:04
Band homepage: Pharaoh


  1. Sunrise
  2. I Am The Hammer
  3. In The Violet Fire
  4. By The Night Sky
  5. Endlessly
  6. The Longest Night
  7. Fighting >mp3
  8. Like A Ghost
  9. Up The Gates >mp3
  10. Never Run
Pharaoh - The Longest Night

In 2003, PHARAOH issued their debut album “After The Fire”, which I thought was good but not outstanding by any means. In fact, the output drowned in the flood of releases. Now the follow-up arrived, and I have to say that I am completely excited. “The Longest Night” is a real improvements in all fields. From the godly Fournier cover to the great production and the slightly complex, yet always very harmonic killer tunes.


Of course, they are based on the excellent voice of Tim Aymar (Ex-CONTROL DENIED, PSYCHO SCREAM), who is hardly weaker than one Harry Conklin of JAG PANZER. Also, you could describe the PHARAOH’s music as US Metal in the vein of STEEL PROPHET/JAG PANZER with strong NWoBHM leanigs. They always pay attention to melody and power, but they also play somewhat progressively. Personally I think the somewhat clumsy opener “Sunrise” is out of place, as it demands a little more patience than the remaining material does and wrong-foots you. The following storming neck-breaker “I Am The Hammer” already is extraordinary straight stuff. Next up are my personal highlights: the varied “In The Violet Fire” and “By The Night Sky”, a long track in the vein of MAIDEN, very epic and majestic, with godly riffing and fine vocal passages.


I’ll spare myself any more check out tips, for the album offers nothing but highlights and it just has to excite any fan of unadulterated Metal. In a time where faceless Metalcore acts are basically spat at you, this album is just perfect! It brings back original Metal the way it once was and should still be today: Full of grace, burning passion, a maximum of guitar power and neat screams! (Online April 16, 2006)

Ralf Henn

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