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Pale Divine - Eternity Revealed (7/10) - USA - 2004

Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Martyr Music Group
Playing time: 51:42
Band homepage: Pale Divine


  1. Morphia
  2. Crimson Tears
  3. Sins Of The Fallen >mp3
  4. Martyrdom
  5. Blind Faith >mp3
  6. Serpents Path
  7. Ever After
  8. Drowned Out
  9. Lord Of Sorrow >mp3
  10. Solitude
Pale Divine - Eternity Revealed

An excellent offering for fans of the genre often called Traditional Doom, “Eternity Revealed” is an album that kept me interested from start to finish. Built around a solid slow to mid-paced groove (duh!), it contains nearly equal parts of two styles associated with this genre: bluesy PENTAGRAM inspired Doom and darker CANDLEMASS type dirges.


The album’s more blues-oriented material lies in the middle and is bookended by the heavier stuff; beginning with a nice chunky instrumental and ending with a decent (can anyone without a Messiah hope for more?) cover of CANDLEMASS’ “Solitude”. One thing that I enjoyed a lot was the singer’s occasional stylistic resemblance to J.D Kimball of OMEN (R.I.P.).


The album contains more guitar soloing than I’ve heard in a long time, much of it with the generous use of a Wah pedal which greatly adds to the dated vibe so inherent in this type of music. The production is rather thin, but this works well with the atmosphere of the album which is, for the most part, gloomy as hell.


I can see any fan of any of the aforementioned bands enjoying this one. (Online April 18, 2006)

Todd Williams

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