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Statobardo - Another Education (7,5/10) - Italy - 2005

Genre: Modern Metal
Label: Casket Music
Playing time: 45:46
Band homepage: Statobardo


  1. Still Nothing
  2. Ill Technique >mp3
  3. Under Your Control
  4. Going Crazy >mp3
  5. Another Education >mp3
  6. New Rape
  7. Wounded
  8. Hateball
  9. Killak
  10. I Waste Time
  11. Please, Shut Up
Statobardo - Another Education

The next newcomer band which tries to enter the realms of my living room , is already active in the Italian underground since 1996 and has a true horde of followers, however they remained unknown to me so far. How they will do in the rest of Europe remains to be seen, but with „Another Education“ they sure have a convincing argument for further fans in their hands.


The sound celebrated here is heavy enough to be considered Metal, in spite of this some purists will be scared away by the DJ-parts and the scratches. But those of you who like powerful guitar-walls, varied singing and powerful drums with the already mentioned scratches, should risk and lend an ear. Sometimes they remind me of their countrymen from LINEA 77 or of a harder version of the completely underrated US band THE APEX THEORY. The often used „loud/silent dynamics“ in the 11 songs call out for the name Nu-Metal, but in many parts where STATOBARDO really step on it, they really stick out from all those in the meantime frowned upon bands.


„Another Education“ is on the one hand ok to dance to, but on the other hand heavy from head to toe. It doesn’t make sense, you say? I admit, but in songs like „Still Nothing“, „Another Education“ or „Hateball“ it works just fine and lets the puppets dance fast as the wind. In addition to these the production is a very good one, what will delight the listener and will surely make the neighbours lose their inner balance. (Online April 21, 2006)

Alexander Ehringer

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