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Majesty - Hellforces (6/10) - Germany - 2006

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Massacre Records
Playing time: 48:14
Band homepage: Majesty


  1. The Blessing
  2. Hellforces
  3. Dance With The Demon
  4. Sons Of A New Millenium
  5. Heavy Metal Desire
  6. March For Victory
  7. Like A Raptor
  8. Guardians Of The Dragon Grail
  9. Freedom Heart
  10. Fight Forever
  11. Nowhere Man
  12. Metal Law 2006
Majesty - Hellforces

Tarek Maghary and his MAJESTY are back anno 2006 with their by now fourth complete album, plus a live album, and since their foundation they have been polarizing fans all over the place. The fans idolize them as True Metal gods, while others condemn them as uninteresting MANOWAR copy.


I personally had really liked their 2002 effort “Sword And Sorcery“ and as I also like MANOWAR, so I was really looking forward to “Hellforces” and the opening title track with its lightly bombastic, fast Power Metal also confirmed this, including Tarek’s often quite Eric Adams-like voice, good start, but unfortunately MAJESTY do not really manage to keep this level, because other than the Axel Rudi Pell-esque guitar melodies “Dance With The Demon“ does not have anything interesting to offer, while “Sons Of A New Millennium“ is super catchy, but altogether simply too harmless.


If “Like A Raptor“ really was one of those carnivorous dinos, I definitely would not be afraid of it, this animal does not have sharp enough teeth to cut through butter, the same goes for “Nowhere Man“, which contains the line “Living fast, that’s how I am“, but here I rather think about the second meaning, of being quickly forgotten again… On the other hand I just can’t get enough of the vocal melodies of “March For Victory“ and as clichéd “Guardians Of The Dragon Grail“ may be, it is fast, bombastic, with a great choir, this is fun! And the remake of “Metal Law” with Udo Dirkschneider also sounds damn good!


Also on the plus side we have the very good and powerful production, but this is mercilessly overshadowed by the lyrics, which partly are pretty embarrassing. Surely many True Metal bands have more or less ridiculous lyrics, but MAJESTY really take the cake with stuff like on “Like A Raptor“: “It’s late at night, in Central Park, you want to see me but it’s much too dark.“, or „Dance With The Demon“:

“Hear the devil calling, he’s calling my name

So take the demon ride up on the road of fear and pain

When the wind is howling and the sunlight is fading away

I’m driving down the highway with my old black Chevrolet“

And this is only two examples for the almost painful lyricism…


So how do you rate an album such as this one? Well, a few very good songs, some toothless fallout, good production, at times horrible lyrics, I guess that six disappointed points are warranted thanks to “Hellforces“, “March For Victory“, “Guardians Of The Dragon Grail“ and “Metal Law 2006“.(Online April 22, 2006)

Alexander Melzer

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