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Sinister Idol - Demo 2005 (7/10) - Germany - 2005

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 21:13
Band homepage: -


  1. The Sinister Idol
  2. Haunted Banks
  3. Toad’s Call
  4. Queen Of Winter
  5. Decision
Sinister Idol - Demo 2005

The Heavy Metal band SINISTER IDOL that was formed two years ago in Peine (near Hannover) piped up for the first time with “Demo 2005” that was recorded in the middle of 2005, and hopefully it's not the last sign of life by the young formation from the northern part of Germany.


It's difficult for me to find comparisons to the sound of this five-piece. Especially the guitars occasionally remind me of the German Rock band no. 1, Frankfurt's BÖHSE ONKELZ – particularly at days of “Der Nette Mann”, “Onkelz Wie Wir” and “Viva Los Tioz”. Yeah, just laugh at me, I can't believe it, neither, but this thought just came to my mind while listening to “Demo 2005”. However, the songs in no case are as primitive as the ones of the first ONKELZ work and the production is ok for a demo.


For the intro “The Sinister Idol” I have a nice comparison: That exactly fits the also spoken intro of “Genesis (The Making And The Fall Of Men)” on the RUNNING WILD classic “Black Hand Inn”! Then the following “Haunted Banks”, a very catchy, melodic number, shows where to the band orientates itself – to the traditional Heavy Metal of the glory 80es! Still it's difficult for me to name bands that are near to this – maybe IRON MAIDEN? The 20 minutes demo just shows that a really young band consisting of also very young musicians is at work. Above all the singer Konstantin Fritzsche has to work on his performance! He could bring out much more in his voice as it's rather weak, here.


I've also read other reviews of “Demo 2005” and there the band lost out much more than here with me. Sure, I've already had underground CDs that were worlds better, too, but that doesn't change anything about SINISTER IDOL's making good music. With the necessary fine-tuning and much more practice that will turn for the better.


Hang in there! You're still young! And (sexy) twin sisters on the guitars you also don't see every day... (Online April 22, 2006)

Chris Kraemer

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