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106 tablatures for Six Feet Under

Six Feet Under - Haunted (9/10) - USA - 1995

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Metal Blade Records
Playing time: 38:30
Band homepage: Six Feet Under


  1. The Enemy Inside
  2. Silent Violence
  3. Lycanthropy
  4. Still Alive
  5. Beneath A Black Sky
  6. Human Target
  7. Remains Of You
  8. Suffering In Ecstasy
  9. Tomorrow’s Victim
  10. Torn To The Bone
  11. Haunted
Six Feet Under - Haunted

After Chris Barnes left CANNIBAL CORPSE (or did they give him the chuck?) after their fourth album “The Bleeding”, he started a new band with SIX FEET UNDER and they released their debut “Haunted” in 1995. Together with Greg Gall on drums, ex-DEATH/MASSACRE bass player Terry Butler and OBITUARY guitarist Allen West (who has been substituted later by the, in my opinion, better Steve Swanson), he delivered eleven short but altogether great Old School Death Metal crushers. The only elements, reminding of his past, are the (apart from “Silent Violence”) not so extreme lyrics and his unique vocal style.


But the tempo has been slowed down, the songs are short, straight and catchy but they are well done and never boring. Only “Remains Of You”, “Tomorrow’s Victim” and “Torn To The Bone” are lacking a little bit of fineness. Unfortunately, they don’t play solos, only “Still Alive” and “Haunted” have some kind of it. “Beneath A Black Sky” is a song one can see that Allen West contributed on the songwriting because this track is based on a OBITUARY riff.


It’s a pity that today’s SIX FEET UNDER stands for not more than average or even embarrassing Death Metal (and of course for a TV show…) and that Chris Barnes with his dreadlocks makes a fool out of himself, so that many younger fans probably won’t check “Haunted” out because they suspect that it’s the same shit than “Bringer Of Blood”. But believe me, their first three records, this one, “Warpath” and “Maximum Violence”, are worth the money because they offer brilliant Death Metal with an amazing Old School sound! (Online April 24, 2006)

Chris Kraemer

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