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Gut - Shrubbery (8,5/10) - USA - 2006

Genre: Metal
Label: Fat Togue Records
Playing time: 18:33
Band homepage: Gut


  1. Smoking Man >mp3
  2. Some Friend
  3. Promise Keeper
  4. Trapped, Entwined
  5. The Butcher (Knee Deep In Blood) >mp3
Gut - Shrubbery

ďAn insanely brutal assault of murderously evil, ear bludgeoning super Death, Doom, Thrash, Grind, Speed - core absolutely does NOT describe GUT.Ē Is a statement taken off of GUTís official website and you know what? I couldnít agree more. For the entire 18 minutes of listening to this EP, I am rather confused as to what genre I should throw GUT into, but after many attempts at trying to label them a specific style, I failed miserably because this band really is strange.


All the way from how the instruments are played, to the odd and very strange vocal stylings. Now Iím not saying this is a bad thing. No not at all. For the fact, GUT are a very interesting band because they sound extremely different than all the other Metal bands out there. With influences streaming from STEELEY DAN to PANTERA, youíll definitely see where GUT stands in the Metal world. And that is on top of many other underground bands. There are 5 songs on this EP and as a whole, they sound pretty good. The production qualities of the songs arenít stellar, but they serve the justice theyíre intended to. The music here can sometimes be pretty funky with Jazz-influenced guitar solos and then at some other points, be pure Thrash Metal.


If youíre interested by now in this band *and you know you should be*, then you should definitely give GUT a listen. They may have a strange name and an even more confusing style, but the music served is overall pretty good. This band shows much promise for the future. (Online April 25, 2006)

Jeremy Sanchez

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