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Heavenshore - Between Human And Divine (8/10) - Spain - 1996

Genre: Black Metal / Doom Metal
Label: Repulse
Playing time: 21:47
Band homepage: -


  1. As Water For My Forest
  2. …While Your God is Dying
  3. Cold October Of The Grey Eminence
  4. Heavenshore
Heavenshore - Between Human And Divine

This great little EP has been kicking around in my collection for some time now and after listening to it again the other day I felt that I should write something about it. This release is indeed very rare and you’ll be lucky to find more than two or so reviews on it anywhere on the Net. So I thought I’d shed some light on it and tell you more about the HEAVENSHORE…


HEAVENSHORE is a Black Metal band with the occasional Doom and Folk touch and even though such a classification is nothing new, they definitely do have a sound all of their own. The band is made up of vocalist Fernando (who is actually Lugubrious from HAEMORRHAGE) and Miguel, who handles guitars, keys and drum programming. There are only four tracks on here, with the whole affair lasting just short of 22 minutes, but they pack a lot of great Metal in that short space of time.


Opening track “As Water For My Forest” start off slowly with great Doom-y passages and chanting before the croaky vocals kick in and then we are treated to everything from great synth passages, vocals lines and very ethereal guitar solos. This trend continues on the next two tracks and there are even some great female vocals added for good measure. The rack, “Heavenshore”, is the highlight for me with its very atmospheric riffs and melody lines, coupled with vocals that invoke both uplifting and mournful, morose atmospheres. It is not everyday that members from Grindcore bands team up to create Black Metal, but these two did a terrific job of it. The lyrics are somewhat cryptic and occasionally (whether it’s intentionally or not, I do not know) they contradict themselves – on the first track they sing that “…as water is for the forest, so God is for me…” and then on the very next track they sing about God dying… quite funny J


The production could’ve been better but it suits the music fine and it helps to add a bit of murkiness (in the kvlt BM way of course…) to the proceedings. I also have to mention that this release features some of the best sounding programmed drumming that I have ever heard, with it being very well timed and balanced with the rest of the instruments and sound levels.


So, overall I can’t fault this EP in any way, other than to say that I wish it could’ve been a bit longer. Sadly, this band seemed to have fallen of the face of the earth and were never heard from again. It goes without saying that this is an essential purchase, both because of the great music present and because of it’s so damn rare.


Great stuff!!


“… you might cross the sky, but you’ll never reach the heavenshore…” (Online April 26, 2006)

Neil Pretorius

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