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Dog Fashion Disco - Adultery (8/10) - USA - 2006

Genre: Avantgarde
Label: Rotten
Playing time: 50:28
Band homepage: Dog Fashion Disco


  1. The Uninvited Guest
  2. The Sacrifice Of Miss Rose Covington
  3. Silent Film
  4. Sweet Insanity
  5. Desert Grave
  6. Moonlight City Drive
  7. Private Eye
  8. The Darkest Days >mp3
  9. Dead Virgins Don't Sing
  10. The Hitchhiker
  11. 100 Suicides
  12. Adultery
  13. Mature Audiences Only
Dog Fashion Disco - Adultery

What's a little sin under the covers? Well, DOG FASHION DISCO are going to show you, in their latest album "Adultery," presented in seductive color and for mature audiences only. That's what it says on the front cover, at least. Looking at the thing, you'd more expect some down and dirty film noir flick than you would a Metal album and that's exactly what DOG FASHION DISCO were going for. This is a cinematic concept album, set in the crime-ridden lands of gansters, private eyes, cheap hotels and even cheaper hookers. "Adultery" tells a quite disturbing tale of sex, violence and nihilism - and yes, even includes what is most likely the only sex scene I've ever heard on a music album. And a quite creepy sex scene it is.


Calling this a Metal album is a bit misleading. Sure, there are heavy riffs, fast drums and some harsh vocals, but the band doesn't really stick with any genre long enough to be pidgeonholed. That is not to say that they are original, however - this whole thing, every single second, sounds exactly like the works of Mike Patton. In fact, several times I had to check the liner notes to make sure that Mr. Patton wasn't providing guest vocals, that's how much crooner/screamer/narrator/guitarist/banjoist Todd Smith can emulate the infamously eccentric frontman. Specifically, this is somewhat like what would happen if MR. BUNGLE included more of TOMAHAWK's drunken Spy Rock moments. There are lots of horns and jazzy sections, as well as numbers that bring to mind the Old West and the soundtracks to classic films noir. If the BUNGLE line-up had recorded "Mit Gas," the result might have been something like "Adultery."


If you're craving some new Patton material and you don't mind plaguerism, "Adultery" is a dame fine album full of interesting musical twists, lots of soundscapes and talented, diverse vocal deliveries. Hell, compared to most stuff out there, this is original, but to anyone familiar Patton's past material, it may end up sounding like MR. BUNGLE b-sides. In the end, how much you like this album is probably going to depend on how much that last little fact bothers you. (Online April 20, 2006)

Wesley D. Cray

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