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Severe Torture - Butchery Of The Soul (5/10) - Netherlands - 2002

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Hammerheart
Playing time: 20:33
Band homepage: Severe Torture


  1. Butchery Of The Soul
  2. Rest In Flames
  3. Pray For Nothing
  4. Lambs Of A God
  5. Taking Down The Descender
  6. Perverse Suffering
  7. Butchery Of The Soul (Video)
Severe Torture - Butchery Of The Soul
Just like their label mates DANSE MACABRE, the Dutch guys in SEVERE TORTURE are getting quite a good name in the violent Death Metal-world, and they advantage of it to release a sort of maxi single.

This mini-CD, supposed to keep waiting for the upcoming album "Misanthropic Carnage", contains a remastered version of "Butchery Of The Soul" (already on the album "Feasting On Blood"), two old EP's that are sold-out, a cover of CANNIBAL CORPSE's "Perverse Suffering", 100% exactly like the original, and a live video of "Butchery Of The Soul".

Nothing original then, SEVERE TORTURE are equal to themselves, which means playing CANNIBAL CORPSE-like Death Metal, tainted with Grind-influences and full of blast beats, the whole thing accompanied by a huge voice, not so far from FLESHGRIND.

So this is a mini-CD for the collectors only, because else, the interest is quite restrained. Even if you are a huge fan of old school brutal Death Metal, there's a time when you get bored listening to the same tracks as ten years ago…

Thomas Bonnicel

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