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Seven Witches - Second War In Heaven (Re-Release) (8/10) - USA - 1999/2006

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Crash Music Inc
Playing time: 56:43
Band homepage: Seven Witches


  1. Rising Torches
  2. Dying Embers
  3. Camelot >mp3
  4. Nightmare (The Devil Inside)
  5. Bewitchment
  6. Seven Witches
  7. In A Small Child's Room >mp3
  8. The Chain
  9. Scarlet Tears
  10. Second War In Heaven >mp3
  11. Metal Daze
  12. Second War In Heaven (Demo)
  13. Scarlet Tears (Demo)
  14. Seven Witches (Demo)
Seven Witches - Second War In Heaven (Re-Release)

SEVEN WITCHES, led by guitarist Jack Frost (ex-SAVATAGE, ex-METALLIUM, THE BRONX CASKET CO.), has become quite well known on the traditional Heavy Metal front. But on “Second War In Heaven”, the band’s debut, the wheels had just begun to start rolling.


It was clear from the very beginning what SEVEN WITCHES were offering: American Power Metal influenced by the likes of LIEGE LORD, SAVATAGE and OMEN. The band’s take on this classic style of Metal is done well, but really brings nothing new to the table. The musicianship is certainly adequate, but nothing really flashy. The vocals of (former and now current) OVERLORDE front man Bobby Lucas are top notch and probably the strongest point of “Second War In Heaven”.


There are some standout tracks to be found on “Second War In Heaven”. “Dying Embers” and “Camelot” provide a good one-two punch after the obligatory intro. The band’s namesake “Seven Witches” makes for the best and most epic track on the album. “Scarlet Tears” is also a standout. The cover of FLEETWOOD MAC’s “The Chain” seems like an odd choice, but works pretty well. And the cover of MANOWAR’s classic “Metal Daze” is as cheesy and fist pumping as the original, with Lucas doing his best Eric Adams impersonation.


So, if you’re looking for some good ol’ traditional American Power Metal and you’ve already completed your collection of the genre’s originators, SEVEN WITCHES’ “Second War In Heaven” just might be the fix you’re looking for. (Online May 3, 2006)

Eric Vieth

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