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Enemy Unknown - Alert Status: Red (3,5/10) - Great Britain - 2005

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Casket Music
Playing time: 48:16
Band homepage: Enemy Unknown


  1. Feel The Burn
  2. Where Angels Fear To Tread
  3. Hatred Of Youth
  4. One Above All
  5. Ellana
  6. Toe To Toe
  7. The Man >mp3
  8. Cut My Throat >mp3
  9. The Legion
  10. Terrorista
Enemy Unknown - Alert Status: Red

The boys of ENEMY UNKNOWN must have done something to seriously piss Alex off. That is the only explanation for me being responsible for reviewing a Power/Thrash Metal album.


In the interest of fairness towards the band, Iím going to make this review as just and impartial as it is possible to be when reviewing a style you dislike. Iíll divide my review to cover a few different categories, give a score to each and then use the average of those scores to get the rating for this album.


Vocals: My main gripe with Thrash Metal is the vocals. The kind of half shouted/half sung vocals that are neither melodic nor aggressive. They are just present. And their very presence offends me. 1/10


Guitars/Bass: Giving credit where credit is due- this lead guitarist can really shred. Almost every song features a memorable solo. Unfortunately, the majority of riffs that surround these solos are standard Thrash Metal fair, which is highly unappealing to me. 5.5/10

Special credit goes towards the killer melodic intro riff in ďHatred Of YouthĒ. Great stuff.


Drums: The drums here more or less do the job intended. They are never particularly fast, yet they support the music adequately. 4/10


Production: The production on this CD is pretty lame. None of the instruments really buzz with life or aggression and the vocals have a sort of flat muffled feel to them. Come on people, whereís the hatred? Having said that, all the instruments are clear and distinct and nothing stands out horribly in the mix. Like much of this album, the good cancels out the bad. 5/10


Additional/Miscellaneous: This album goes for two long, sitting through it was boring. Not only boring yet frustrating, because every now and then a riff would pop up that completely ruled, yet it was basically a diamond surrounded by faeces. This music really is quite similar to the aforementioned substance; it stinks, yet there are some out there that are bound to find it appealing. 3/10


Final Score: (1 + 5.5 + 4 + 5 + 3) / 5= 3.7, which rounds down to 3.5. Donít let my score influence you too heavily on whether or not to buy this album, because if you havenít already noticed, Iím not a fan of this style. At least it has been proved that this isnít the album to make a Thrash Metal fan out of an unbeliever. (Online May 3, 2006)

Lachlan McKellar

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