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Anvil - Metal On Metal (10/10) - Canada - 1982

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Attic Records
Playing time: 44:00
Band homepage: Anvil


  1. Metal On Metal
  2. Mothra
  3. Stop Me
  4. March Of The Crabs
  5. Jackhammer
  6. Heat Sink
  7. Tag Team
  8. Scenery
  9. Tease Me, Please Me
  10. 666
Anvil - Metal On Metal

An immortal milestone in the history of Metal is “Metal On Metal” by ANVIL from Toronto releases in 1982. Here there are only classics, starting with the phenomenally nasty title track over the briskly “Tease Me, Please Me” or “Jackhammer”, only cream puffs that always meant a lot to me and always will. But the great smasher on this album surely is “Mothra” with the ingenious middle part, the stomping “Tag Team” or “March Of The Crabs” – the probably best instrumental ever besides “Merciless Onslaught” (METAL CHURCH) and “Call Of Kthulu” (METALLICA) and above all “666”, a dark, malicious speed song of the first quality.


The charismatic, idiosyncratic singing of front dildo Lips immensely moulded the sound of ANVIL and furthermore invested the troupe an own identity. Assisted by a powerful rhythm fraction in the form of drummer Robb Reiner and bassist Ian Dickson the six stringer Dave Allison conjured up a timeless monster riff after another. One year later ANVIL released another milestone with “Forged In Fire” but for me their  master work will be “Metal On Metal” forever.


Back then I got the LP in the age of 13 when I lay in hospital after a bad accident. This for those days “brutally rough” album helped me along a hard time! ANVIL, I thank you! (Online May 5, 2006)

Ralf Henn

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