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Thomas Bonnicel - Persönliche Top 20 von 2002

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Cover of Paradise Lost - 'Symbol Of Life'

Paradise Lost - Symbol Of Life (English)
Paradise Lost - Symbol Of Life (Deusch)

Cover of Craft - 'Terror Propaganda'

Craft - Terror Propaganda (English)
Craft - Terror Propaganda (Deusch)

Cover of Frost - 'Cursed Again'

Frost - Cursed Again (English)
Frost - Cursed Again (Deusch)

Cover of The Count Nosferatu Kommando - 'Ultraviolence Über Alles'

The Count Nosferatu Kommando - Ultraviolence Über Alles (English)
The Count Nosferatu Kommando - Ultraviolence Über Alles (Deusch)

Cover of Forgotten Tomb - 'Songs To Leave'

Forgotten Tomb - Songs To Leave (English)
Forgotten Tomb - Songs To Leave (Deusch)

Cover of Behemoth - 'Zos Kia Cultus'

Behemoth - Zos Kia Cultus (English)
Behemoth - Zos Kia Cultus (Deusch)

Cover of Pain - 'Nothing Remains The Same'

Pain - Nothing Remains The Same (English)
Pain - Nothing Remains The Same (Deusch)

Cover of VNV Nation - 'Futureperfect'

VNV Nation - Futureperfect

Cover of Funkervogt - 'Survivor'

Funkervogt - Survivor

Cover of Arcturus - 'The Sham Mirrors'

Arcturus - The Sham Mirrors (English)
Arcturus - The Sham Mirrors (Deusch)

Cover of Carpathian Forest - 'We're Going To Hell For This - Over A Decade Of Perversions'

Carpathian Forest - We're Going To Hell For This - Over A Decade Of Perversions (English)
Carpathian Forest - We're Going To Hell For This - Over A Decade Of Perversions (Deusch)

Cover of Shining - 'Angst - Självdestruktivitetens Emissarie'

Shining - Angst-Självdestruktivitetens Emissarie (English)
Shining - Angst-Självdestruktivitetens Emissarie (Deusch)

Cover of Isomer - 'Serpent Age'

Isomer - Serpent Age

Cover of Inade - 'The Crackling Of The Anonymous'

Inade - The Crackling Of The Anonymous

Cover of Sal Solaris - 'Outerpretation Of Dreams'

Sal Solaris - Outerpretation Of Dreams

Cover of Armagedda - 'The Final War Approaching'

Armagedda - The Final War Approaching (English)
Armagedda - The Final War Approaching (Deusch)

Cover of Necrophobic - 'Bloodhymns'

Necrophobic - Bloodhymns (English)
Necrophobic - Bloodhymns (Deusch)

Cover of December Wolves - 'Blasterpiece Theatre'

December Wolves - Blasterpiece Theatre (English)
December Wolves - Blasterpiece Theatre (Deusch)

Cover of Nebel - 'Hymns Of Destruction'

Nebel - Hymns Of Destruction (English)
Nebel - Hymns Of Destruction (Deusch)

Cover of Thyrfing - 'Vansinnesvisor'

Thyrfing - Vansinnesvisor (English)
Thyrfing - Vansinnesvisor (Deusch)

Thomas Bonnicel

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