Favorite Polish Death Metal band

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Favorite Polish Death Metal band

Postby darkreif » 25 Jan 2012, 10:22

We all know that Poland puts something the water when it comes to making Death Metal bands. For years, they have had some top tier acts come out of there. Now the question has to be act - who is the best of the Polish Death Metal scene?

My personal favorite has to go to Vader. I love their Thrash influence and I think Peter's vocals and riffs sell that band to me. They've been hit or miss writing complete albums, but even when they experiment by adding in orchestral effects or the such - its a vicious band that owns their sound.
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Re: Favorite Polish Death Metal band

Postby RondofedoR » 25 Jan 2012, 15:26

Although Vader are the kings, I'm more of a Decapitated kind of guy. Fuckin' love "The Negation" and "Organic Halucinosis."

1. Decapitated
2. Vader
3. Lost Soul
4. Trauma
5. Dies Irae
6. Behemoth
7. Deivos
8. Hate
9. Infernal War
10. Merciless Death
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