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PostPosted: Mon Oct 02, 2006 8:00 am 
TMO Reader
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1. Steal their eyeliner.

2. Steal their razorblade.

3. Tell them to smile.

4. Have their boyfriend not dump them.

5. Call them just another brainless trend follower.

6. Get rid of the color pink.

7. Shave their heads bald.

8. Blast some really loud hardcore punk or metal to drown out their shitty crybaby music.

9. Get their myspace accounts yanked.

10. Ship them off to a third world country like Ethiopia or Rwanda or Iraq or Isreal or any other place where people have REAL problems.

11. Put them in a headlock and mess up their perfectly disheveled hair.

12. Steal their corner.

13. Wipe there face down with bleach, and then there hair. And then every other part of the body.

14. Find out where they live and send death threats. Really nasty looking ones.

15. This is not in any fashion an idea for you mongs to do. But! Kidnap there pets and send back the bits piece by piece. Each with a letter saying how much the pet hated its life.

16. Crap on there door steps.

17. Camp outside there houses.

18. Chain-mail every single one of there e-mail address's to topics which relate to something along these lines... -We dont like Emo, why do you?- or -God hates you, we hate you and your mum wants your babies-?

19. Tell them how pretty they look, and that if you had a chance you'd give em some styling tips for free. And then set fire to them.

20. Usual stuff of shouting abuse, getting physically violent with there hair. With there attitude... Just basically turn depressed-emo kids into angry-hate everything else- children.

21. Brand them with hot irons in the fore head which read - I am a twatty emo-kid, did I mention i had your mum and your dog?-

22. Chase them down the street with hot irons, mace, iron war mace's, sticks, the threat of imminent violence?

23. Beat the shit out of them in one of their stupid mosh pits while wearing a pink dress so they can go home and be humilliated at the fact that they got their ass kick by a guy in drag.

24. spill beer on them & flirt with their girlfriends.

25. Cut the hair from out in front of their eyes.

26. Tell them their girlfriend/boyfriend doesn't love them anymore.

27. Tell them that their clothes are no longer "in style".

28. Assasinate Conor Oberst (the dude in Bright Eyes).

29. Hack into and just fuck the site up.

30. Make their "problems" worse than they are.

31. Stain their sweater vests.

32. Steal their My Chemical Romance CD.

33. Say they'll never find "true love".

34. Tell them George Bush just put a stop to razor, scissors, and knife production.

35. Take away all there girl pants.

36. Make their jeans not so tight.

37. Cut up their jeans .

38. Tell them that Fall Out Boy sold out to a major corporation.

39. Go to an emo show and actually start moshing.

40. Assassinate Gerard Way and then take a big dump on his grave.

41. Bang the hell out of their girlfriends while listening to Nile. Then once you finish, do a live action version of a Cannibal Corpse song with the same girl...oh yea, that would rule.

42. Grab their instruments and start playing some good kick ass music, or beat em over the head wih their own instruments, I call this song, "Death To Emo".

43. Round them all up napalm the shit outta them.

44. Tell them they act like nazis......they all look the same and that the world fucking hates them.

45. DESTROY THE MUSIC! =) Steal their music and burn it in flames of hell!

46. Tell an emo boy that his boyfriend went straight .

47. Tell them they spilt some blood on their jeans.

48.Offer them an "emo mix" CD that is really filled with good music.

49. Get the local thrift store closed.

50. Tell them one of the guys from a band they like is straight.

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 05, 2006 2:10 pm 
TMO Regular
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This is pretty funny, but some of them wern't really especially regarding emo kids, because anyone could be ticked off at them. But some of them were specifically designed for emo kids to go cry, so I enjoyed it.

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