Shredding: Wolf

Lonely outsiders, howling pained threnodies beneath the moonlight, yearning to be part of the pack but never quite fitting in… That’s Wolf and their peculiar brand of heavy metal that beat the NWOTM by almost a decade, leaving the Swedish band in a no-man’s land between classic and modern scenes and sounds. Prepare to witness their exquisite discography shredded by sharp teeth!

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Shredding: Moonspell

Join us for another shredding feature, as we celebrate three decades of sublime gothic metal with Portuguese legends Moonspell!

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Doom: A Metalhead’s Guide

Photo by Nameless (Joe King)

This is a deep dive into doom metal: into its essence, its history, and the murky depths of its many sub-classifications. The material in this guide is targeted towards “intermediate” metal listeners, who already have plenty of general knowledge about metal and some of its sub-genres, but who may not have specifically tunnelled all the way down into doom metal’s dark core. You will find within an investigation of what doom metal really is, a brief overview of its development, and then 7 playlists of 10 songs each that characterize the various strands of doom. “Expert” doom listeners are also welcome to read, grumble, and disagree. Let’s take the plunge down below!

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MindMaze to Release New Single “Forever Too Late” Featuring Triosphere Vocalist Ida Haukland


Pennsylvania progressive power metal quartet are set to release new music on June 1st.  The band, whose last album Resolve came out in 2017 are excited to finally be releasing new music.  They are also excited to perform at ProgPower USA in Atlanta, GA on June 1st, so as way to celebrate with fans worldwide, their brand new single “Forever Too Late” will release during their set at the festival.   The song features vocals from ProgPower USA Alumni Ida Haukland from Norway’s Triosphere.  MindMaze vocalist Sarah Teets explains, “We really wanted to get something new out there as a thank you for the patience of our fans after such a long wait for a new album.”  MindMaze are celebrating 10 years together as a band and are set to release a new album in 2023.

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Link to Pre-Save on Spotify:

Slow Cuts of 2021

In my childhood, I was a slow eater, a fast runner, and got bored quickly. In terms of digesting metal albums, I’m occasionally on the slow side, hence why Slow Cuts of 2021 has popped up midway through February. In this article, I’ll examine 5 pretty diverse albums that needed more time to mull over than usual – albums that I ran out of time for in 2021.

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The Metal Observer’s Top 30 Albums of 2021

Here at The Metal Observer, we like to make sure the year has revealed all its surprises before passing judgement on the best music we’ve heard, hence why we are a little way into 2022 as we release our yearly Top 30. As ever, the list varies wildly from sub-genre to sub-genre and it was extremely close for some places, which is why some spots are tied on the same number. Many of these albums have reviews available on the main site, so don’t forget to search for more analysis. Without any further ado: TMO’s Top 30 of 2021!

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Shredding: Theatre of Tragedy

Join us for another shredding feature, this time celebrating one of the most iconic gothic metal bands of our times: Theatre of Tragedy!
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