Iron Savior - Titancraft - (9/10)

Published on May 10, 2016


  1. Under Siege (Intro)
  2. Titancraft
  3. Way of the Blade
  4. Seize the Day
  5. Gunsmoke
  6. Beyond the Horizon
  7. The Sun Won't Rise in Hell
  8. Strike Down the Tyranny
  9. Brother in Arms
  10. I Surrender
  11. Rebellious


Power / Heavy Metal


AFM Records

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Saving Atlantis…


Piet Sielck’s Iron Savior have been one of the steadiest acts in the power metal scene, releasing album after album of high quality steel ever since their self-titled debut in 1997. 19 years and nine studio albums later, Titancraft is hovering above the metal community and is ready to descend into the waiting arms of their fans. Now technically one can say that if is says Iron Savior on the album, it contains Iron Savior, without any real experiments or groundbreaking evolution, but at the same time Sielck and cohorts have managed to carve their own niche that they keep exploring, but without too openly retreading paths they already had gone before, so it is a fine line that works for some bands and Iron Savior is one of them, with almost all of their releases quite unanimously met with great reviews.


Iron Savior


The (almost) opening title track bears all the Iron Savior trademarks, uptempo, mixing heavy metal elements into their power metal, Sielck’s unique voice, epic chorus, it’s all there and in all the quality the fans have come to love and expect, continuing the band’s space theme with the Iron Savior and Atlantis. And Titancraft quickly proves that it is one of the Germans’ most driving albums to date, bringing plenty of energy to the table, cleverly threading between heavy and power metal, uniting it all into a characteristic sound that only few bands manage to accomplish throughout their career.


Iron Savior band


Through upbeat “Seize the Day”, the Hamburgers treat their fans to a stomping mid-tempo track in “Gunsmoke”, which doesn’t quite fit in with their often futuristic lyrical endeavours, but is excellently translated into a traditional metal track that stands in full tradition with the greats of the genre and carries on their torch. Powerful “The Sun Won’t Rise in Hell” trades punches with sweeping “Strike Down the Tyranny”, continuing on one of the band’s most dynamic albums to date and “Rebellious” is another ode to the metalhead in best Iron Savior tradition.



If Piet Sielck is on the helm of production, there will never have to be worries about the sound quality, having honed his skills over decades and Titancraft is no exception to the rule, boasting a clear, powerful sound that allows the songs to expand to their fullest, allowing the album to take full advantage of space and time, continuing the band’s legacy, which stretches on to yet another outstanding cover artwork courtesy of Felipe Machado.


With Titancraft Iron Savior show that an old dog doesn’t have to learn new tricks, because its old tricks are still head and shoulders above most other comparable dogs. It might not have this instantaneous gripping catchiness as Rise of the Hero, but power/heavy metal on a continuous high is what the Germans stand for and while it will most likely not gain them a whole lot of new fans, it will surely satisfy the hunger of their loyal followers.

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